KCPT12 Leaf Removal System

Our vineyard leafer can be used with or without any of our KCI cane cutters. The heavy duty standard unit is for double row and is three point rear mounted. This standard mount unit includes it's own heavy duty hydraulic pump, tank, valve and in and out cylinders that use your tractors dual remote valves.This unit can also be built totally self-contained using it's own hydraulic system to move the heads in and out. It is then possible to use your tractors hydraulic system to run your cane cutters.

Shown below is the indexing  option that allows the operator to tilt the head to the same angle as the canopy.

  • The leafer narrows to 66" and  extends out 24" on each side to  114" overall.
  • The heads are independent in and  out and independent on and off  allowing the operator to run the  right side, the left side, or both  sides at the same time.